Welcome to Barefaced Food, a vibrant new plantbased food business based in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Our approach to food is based on three main principles:

  • Eating for health
  • Eating for happiness
  • Eating for the environment

When we launched in January 2020, we started out with the aim of specialising in vegetarian and vegan catering and food workshops. Not long into the launch phase however, we found ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic which changed everything. Catering for private and corporate events and parties was no longer something we could do. Neither were the food workshops. Instead we had to look at how we could take our food principles and apply them in a very different kind of society with different needs and priorities.

It didn’t take us long to work out what we had to do. In order to support individual and environmental health, and get as much nutritious and delicious goodness out there as possible at a time when the world really needed it, we decided to shift towards providing fresh, nutrient rich meals which would be delivered direct to your door. We also decided that we would focus specifically on plantbased food.

Our Italian inspired Buddha bowl

As such, we now focus all our energies on preparing and delivering fresh, high quality, nutrient rich plant based food. We specialise in our very own Barefaced Buddha Bowls (a perfectly balanced nutritional powerhouse in a bowl) and we offer healthy ready made soups, hot pots, snacks and treats. Our food is colourful, fragrant, full of texture and, of course, delicious! We’re continually working to develop our range of products so we can bring a wider range of plant-based goodness your way so please keep an eye on our web-site and our Facebook page where we’ll keep you up to date with details of what we’re doing and how we’re growing our brand. Thanks for visiting our web-site!