Welcome!  My name is Catherine and I’m the owner of Barefaced Food.

There are three things I’m passionate about in life.

  • Family
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Food

When I’m cooking up a feast to share with the people I love most in the world I’m in my element. From planning the menu to adding the finishing touches to make it look beautiful for them, nothing makes me happier. It’s therefore no surprise that after years of wishing I could make a living out of doing what I love most, feeding others, I’ve finally taken the leap and established Barefaced Food.

I’ve been obsessed with food for as long as I can remember. I was very lucky to have parents who both had a love of cooking and who encouraged me to get stuck into the kitchen as soon as I could feed myself. They inspired me to experiment and to try new flavours and cooking styles, my Mum being an advocate for wholefoods long before the rest of the world caught up (I went to primary school with wholemeal date and walnut sandwiches while all my friends had a jam piece).

In time my love of cooking led to some amazing food adventures, including catering for private parties to pay my way through my last year at school, a ‘gap year’ working for a caterer and baker, a summer working in a Taverna in Mallorca and a place on the TV programme, ‘Britains’s Best Dish’ as Scotland’s reserve pudding contestant (I lost out to a deep fried Mars bar dessert but we’ll say no more about it …) The most exciting food adventure by far however, was my eighteen months as the Glasgow Herald’s ‘cake critic.’ During this time I went round tearooms and coffee shops across Scotland to find the best in home baking for my weekly column in their Saturday magazine. I met some inspirational bakers and pastry chefs and tasted a lot of fabulous cakes. It was a dream job.

My food obsession hasn’t always been healthy though:  I’ve had years where I’ve struggled to find the right balance, eating too much or too little, trying every diet and lifestyle going and being very hard on myself every time I ‘failed’. I finally found my balance after a period of ill health when I went back to self-care basics, putting nutrition at the centre of my recovery. What I eat has much less to do with ‘dieting’ now and much more to do with what actually makes me feel good: the link between food and wellbeing has never been clearer to me.

Here’s what my balance looks like:

  • I eat a fresh, wholefood diet with as few refined products as possible
  • My diet is now predominantly plant based – educating myself about the impact of my food choices, not just on my body but also on the environment, motivated this shift.
  • I make sure I have fun with my food, developing new recipes, trying new flavours and eating things I know I’ll enjoy
  • I accept that my body needs different things at different times and I stay flexible to make sure I’m feeding it what it needs – I listen to it more carefully now

In short:

  • I eat for health
  • I eat for happiness
  • I eat for the environment

These three principles guide my personal approach to food and in turn the Barefaced Food approach. As you look through the web-site you’ll see these principles reflected in the menus and the recipe section where I share some of the recipes I’ve developed in the Barefaced kitchen. So please explore, experiment with the recipes you find here and get in touch to share your own less meat, more plants adventure. If there’s one thing I’m always happy to talk about, it’s food…