Barefaced Buddha Bowls

Barefaced Buddha Bowls are packed with nutritious and delicious plant-based goodness which feels healthy and indulgent all at once – there’s just so much delicious good food in that bowl! Our bowls are inspired by some of the very best plant-based ingredients from different regions of the world so you can expect to find some of your favourite kinds of food combinations and flavours in your bowls: Italian, Middle-Eastern and Indian to name but a few. Whatever else you eat in your week, you’ll feel good about choosing a Barefaced Buddha bowl.

Barefaced Buddha Bowl – full of colour, fragrance, texture and flavour

How to order a Barefaced Buddha Bowl

You can order your Buddha bowls here, or through our Facebook Page where you can message us directly.

Our Buddha bowl menu for deliveries on Friday 25th September is as follows:

Please place your order for this menu by noon on Wednesday 23rd September